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Musician • Orchestrator • Arranger

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1974 born in Belgium

1979 start learning violin

1981 start learning piano & music harmony

1992 Higher diploma in Musical analysis with the greatest distinction at Royal Conservatory of Music of Mons

1994 Higher diploma in Chamber music with the greatest distinction at Royal Conservatory of Music of Mons

1995 Co-founder of the Soledad band 

​​1996 Higher diploma in Violin with distinction at Royal Conservatory of Music of Liège

1998 Second price in jazz violin at Royal Conservatory of Music of Brussels

1998-1999 International tour with Philippe Lafontaine (first violin)

2000-2001 International tour with William Sheller (Director and first violin)

2001-2002 World tour with Yann Tiersen (first violin)

2003-2004 "Les Grands Espaces" International tour with Alain Bashung (violin and effects)

2005 International tour with William Sheller (Director and first violin)

2006 International tour with William Sheller & Quatuor Stevens (first violin)

2006-2007 "L'Étreinte" International tour with Miossec (violin & keyboard)

2009-2010 "Finistériens" International tour with Miossec (violin & keyboard)

2012-2014 "Kaas Chante Piaf" World tour with Patricia Kaas (violin)

Since 2003 World tour with Salvatore Adamo (violin & piano)

Since 2015 Mekasonic Recording studio owner

Since 2016 International tour with Alice on the roof (keyboard & violin)

Since 2016 Nord® Keyboards Artist

Since 2018 Musical Director at Les Octaves de la Musique Awards TV show

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